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About Us

The “Russkoye Okontse” Company is a dynamically developing Russian company, being at the market since 1997. The Company was created in April 1997 with the purpose to produce and deliver modern stained glasses to the markets of St.Petersburg and Russia. “Russkoye Okontse” co-operates with several leading foreign companies dealing with the production and delivery of components to produce decorative glass panels and stained glasses. Our stained glass making technology is unique and differs from the one currently used in Russia. The production technology used in our Company has a series of advantages:




  • unlimited size of a stained glass;
  • stained glass fixing by means of films, thus making it possible to install such stained glasses in operating doors, windows etc. without any risk for them to fall into pieces;
  • using the good quality of Fusing kilns
  • endless variety of patterns, the widest color range  of the glass;
  • guaranteed quality ensured with the unique modern technology observation.

To produce stained glasses we use our own St.Petersburg production premises and the latest equipment. All components are delivered from England, Spain, Italy and Sweden and accompanied with sanitation and other certificates.

■ In 1997-98, the Company was the first in St.Petersburg to restore the fashion of having stained glasses in apartments, private interiors, and public places etc.
To produce stained glasses the Company uses materials that are non-traditional for Russia: color and finished coatings, crystal elements.
Stained glasses, produced by “Russkoye Okontse”, can be used in glass packets without the loss of quality by them. Foreign technology makes it possible to ensure safety of using stained glasses. The Company’s stained glasses are leading without any doubt, as it is possible to install them in children’s rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. without fear.

■ In 1998, the first attempts of stock- production were made.

■ Stained glass production technology of the “Russkoye Okontse” Company makes it possible to have a mass-line production, i.e. to produce unlimited quantities of absolutely identical stained glasses.
In 1999, sanitation certificate was received.
Furniture companies got interested, and in 1999, the “Russkoye Okontse” Company started co-operating with the St.Petersburg furniture factories, manufacturing kitchen and cabinet furniture, in the sphere of stained glass supply to be installed into the doors of kitchen shelves and lockers, bookcases etc. The quality of stained glasses of “Russkoye Okontse” and its closeness to customers (absence of transportation costs, of customs duties) made the furniture factories to refuse ordering similar components from abroad. At present “Russkoye Okontse” is the only in the north-west region Russian supplier of stained glass components for furniture factories, furniture stores, kitchen workshops and productions. Our product prices were considerably decreased at the account of our mass-line production.

The interest of designers and architects to the stained glasses of the Company, who deal with the decoration of private houses and public interiors, is getting stronger.
Having indisputable advantages over classical stained glasses, the stained glasses of the Company are more often used in the interiors of apartments, houses, clubs, restaurants, and cafes, in the decoration of the companies’ offices.

High quality, neat and tidy look of the “Russkoye Okontse” stained glasses, exact soldering, accurate and adjusted lead lines, high-quality crystal differ them from classical stained glasses produced by private artists and workshops. All this allows installing a stained glass in the immediate proximity of the eyes of a person looking at it, being not afraid of negative emotions that often appear at approaching a classical stained glass.

One more important point: the warranty is granted by the firm (“Russkoye Okontse” Company), and not by the immediate stained-glass producers, thus we have one more indisputable advantage.

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